Hatice turhan sultan kimdir video download

Tv episode 2017 hande dogandemir as turhan hatice sultan. Hatice turhan sultan ise valide sultan olarak kosem sultan gibi naibelik yapm. The facts based mostly on leslie pierces amazing book and some other articles. When she was about 12 years old, turhan was sent to the topkap. Ne hurrem ne kosem sultan, gercek demir lady turhan sultan.

But others were portrayed very bad, so maybe those videos will be more interesting. Her father was sultan mustafa iii, and her mother was adilsah kad. Turhan turned out to be too ambitious a woman to lose such a. Turhan hatice sultan 1628 1683, originally known as sultan ibrahim is favorite concubine, ruled under her son.

Devleti tarihine damga vurmus en guclu 9 valide sultanlar. She was ranked in the harem as the chief consort of the sultan, since she was the mother of his eldest son. Turhan was one of the eight haseki sultans of ibrahim i. Hatice sultan daughter of selim i jump to navigation jump to search this article is. Showing her political authority and religious devotion through her various buildings, hatice overcame her customary and religious restrictions. Hatice sultan was born on 14 june 1768 in the topkap. Her portraits suggest a mosaic refinement, with classical features and blazing red hair. Hatice turhan sultan belgesel cok guzel kacirma hatice turhan sultan. While it was commonly believed for a very long time that hatice sultan and ibrahim pasha married in 1524, recent research has shown that this was not the case, and that it was nothing more than a myth. Ibrahimin hasekisi olan hatice turhan sultan kimdir. An extraordinary strategist and a true political artist, roxalena planned her moves as if she were playing chess. Sultan ibrahimin tahtan indirilmesinden sonra turhan sultan ve kosem sultan, sehzade mehmedi tahta c.

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