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It has since gone on to become one of the most recognisable electric bass guitars in the music world in terms of both looks and sound. Features german made p90 pickups, grover tuners, triple dot abalone inlays, a beautiful headstock inlay, 2 tone and 2 volume knobs, 2 of which have color changing sparkle knobs, a black pickguard against gloss black body, and cream binding. Very rare vintage hofner electric guitar made in west germany. Hofner guitars this is where we have some fun and enjoy all things hofner. Hofnerguitars made in germany neu german vintage guitar. These guitars were made in germany between the late 40s to the early 60s.

Since its foundation, hohner has manufactured a wide range of instruments, such as kazoos, accordions, recorder flutes, melodicas, banjos, electric, acoustic, resonator and classical guitars. German vintage guitar this website features all types of germanmade. The 19651966 selmer guitar catalogue contained guitars by a number of different makers imported for the uk market, the most numerous being german made hofner electrics, acoustics and basses. Wellbuilt and greatsounding, hofner s guitars and basses live up to their reputation with ease. Hofner shorty electrictravel guitar, root beer wgig bag. Other than made in western germany on a plastic nub on the heel of the neck, there wasnt much else besides the hofner on the front of the headstock, of course identifying them back then. Find the best selection of hofner guitars at guitar center at the guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping. Hofner archtop jazz guitar jazzgitarre vintage youtube samples. Neubauer the luthier helmut neubauauers archtop guitar brand. The photographs contained in these pages were taken by rob olsen the music group inc, usa, when he and graham stockley besson musical instruments visited the hofner.

A history, by gordon giltrap and neville marten, and a wonderful new book, hofner guitars made in germany, by michael naglav. Ive always liked hofner guitars although ive never owned one. Kg is a german manufacturer of musical instruments, founded in 1857 by matthias hohner 18331902. He started to manufacture stringed instruments in schonbach, germany during 1887.

According to the book electrogitarren, made in germany, the wood used for the shadow violin guitar was usually mahogany like above examples, but in a few instruments maple. Hofner contemporary series basses come with round strings and black knobs rather than the traditional german flat wound strings and tea cup knobs. Hofner produces a large range of classical and acoustic guitars and an exciting range of electric guitars. There is also a fairly large gibson section, but it by no means contains all instruments produced under that brand at. Vintage 1960s hopf allround archtop semiacoustic guitar made in germany hofner. Introduction about the vintage archtop guitars made in germany. It features a german spruce top unusual wood for any electric guitar, flamed maple back and sides, a maple neck, an ebony fretboard with 22 frets and block inlays, schaller m6 tuners, a roller bridge again, a tad unsual to find, since this is a fixed bridge instrument and a pair of hofner 514 mini humbuckers, it also comes with a nice.

Roger a famous luthier, wenzel rossmeissls roger in germany. There must be some serious europeanbased collectors out there, and these books are a great source, but there are still a lot of. Nick wass has been a guitar player for nearly 40 years and a collector of old hofner guitars for nearly 10 years. Hofner s classical guitars are wellsuited to novice and professional players alike. The hofner company was founded by karl hofner 1864 1955 who, having been. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. A true classic, back in print with an updated section covering 1994 to today. Hofner guitars made in germany written by michael naglav, published ulrich plaumann germany. They were of decent build quality for the day, with strong laminate tops, sides and backs. Today we are the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments in europe exporting products throughout the world through our extensive dealer network.

Hofner colorama ii black electric guitar german made reverb. This guitar will go down in the hofner history books as being one the most unique guitar of the 21st century. Customs services and international tracking provided. The 1950s saw the company rebuild its reputation and begin again to export across the world. Hofner bass guitars, hand made in germany, are now available at wunjo bass in central london.

I was in a rock band in the 60s and our lead guitarist had a beautiful hofner. Hofner factory tour video of how hofner builds the. Stamp on inside of sound hole on the neck heel block just below the truss rod end nut reads neber neber is the surname of the individual or the company who built the guitar. This guitar has just been professionally servicedsetup, so it simply looks, works, plays and sounds great. With hofner in your collection, youll quickly understand what made this luthier the biggest maker of stringed instruments in their native western europe. Hofner contemporary bass ct series contemporary bass. We were amazed at the craftsmanship and old school construction that go into every hofner german bass. For sale is a rare hofner colorama ii electric guitar. As musical tastes began to change in the 50s the production of guitars increased and so did the model range. The hofner 5001 violin bass was designed by walter hofner and launched at the frankfurt music messe in 1956. Vintage guitars info collecting hofner vintage guitars.

Hofner most famous music instrument company from the 19 century. Links were made with distributors in all major countries who kept hofner s order books full. It is a german surname synonymous with cabinet making. All produced types of guitars are listed with their type designations, descriptions and years of. Dieter fischer holding an hm88 classical guitar that he is working on. A significant number of solid body guitars were produced with vinyl covered. Made in germany, hofner are still producing the violin bass in various guises, as well as others from their classic range of instruments. They were made famous by the one and only paul mccartney who bought one in hamburg during the early days of the beatles and still uses it to this day. Harry sibum, who lives in the netherlands, started playing the guitar nearly 50 years ago and spent most of his working life as a professional musician. The ct series basses use the same german made hofner staple and toaster style pickups most german built basses use. This book celebrates the glory years of hofner, the company made famous by the beatles bassist paul mccartneys use of their lefthanded 1962 5001 model. Hofner shorty electrictravel guitar, silver sparkle, wgig bag. Rare vintage 19701971 carvin semihollow body 12 string electric guitar.

Heres an excellent hofner video which shows how a hofner german reissue bass is built from scratch including wood selection, creating the plywood, construction, assembly and finishing. Secure transactions and shipping protection dedicated team of gear experts. Rare vintage made in germany hofner 461 archtop acoustic guitar in good condition. The body is solid 2pieces bookmatsched at center very flamy maple wood. I have heard these were made in japan, not the newer cheaper chinese models. The michael naglav hofner guitars made in germany i am pleased to offer this fantastic 161 page hofner reference book written in english and german all in the same book. Open any book on guitars or rock music and the names fender, gibson, gretsch, etc. This book celebrates the glory years of hofner, the company made famous by the beatles. The hofner classical guitar owes its existence to a master violin maker, karl hofner. Just wanted to let you and your reader know that i have just purchased a hofner jazzica made in germany great guitar.

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