2009 acadia driver side water leak

Gmc acadia water leak problem gmc acadia recall lemon law. To give you an idea how to remove that side panel, first move the driver seat maximum rearward. Water was simply running down the u shape of the top of the headliner and running down to exit at both the driver and passenger side top where the headliner meets the a pillar plastic and depositing water on me and my unhappy passengers. Car leaking water into drivers side when air conditioner. Water leak due to poor seal at side marker wire harness. Common leaks can be located at the cooling system hoses, heater core, radiator, thermostat housings, and also at the. Water leak passengers side two days ago the wife went to exit our 2008 gmc acadia and when she turned off the ignition and removed the keys, the vehicle kept running for another 12 minutes before it finally shut off, and in the process, the key in the ignition alarm was sounding off as well. There seems to be no pattern to when we go out and the drivers side is soaked. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. It drains the battery, shorts out the radio and directional signals and sounds.

Im not sure of the source, but i believe its only a matter of time before it results in an electronic mishap. The instrument panel fuse box has an early and late fuse diagram layout. I had funny cracklings sounds at first then it all stopped, ive checked the radio and the amp fuse still nothing, but i can hear the music from the headphones what does this sound like and how much a. Btw, i just checked by pouring about 45 cups worth of water into the drain hole at the drivers side. Water on the drivers side front floor car talk community. This database includes information received by nhtsa from consumers either directly or as recorded by the vehicle safety hotline. I read through a couple other threads on here re water under floor mats and some suggestions were leaking door seals, windshield seals, clogged ac drain, or water coming up from the. A pressure test of the cooling system needs to be performed to see where the leak is originating and then the leak needs to be inspected. A void in the sealant that secures it will allow water to run onto the floor. Dripping from rear overhead lights, rear backup sensor, around emergency brake, apillars are soaked, pooling on driver side floor. That morning i took it directly to the dealership while it was still wet. In order to keep our prices low, we have the following purchasing policies were here for you. Ive noticed water under my drivers side floor mat for the last couple weeks. We baught it used 30,000 miles, now has 32,000 miles.

Have a leak in the passenger side of my 2008 acadia. Water comes through driver side airbag and also below emergency brake pedal. Every time it rains water enters in to the electrical system of the vehicle from an unknown location and causes problems. It causes the vehicle to continuously run even when the key is removed. It began as a minor problem, but has progressed to flooding the passenger foot well with every rain. The sunroof water leak recall that never happened 24 answers.

The front brake calipers may have a torn or misaligned caliper piston seal which may allow brake fluid to leak. The 2009 gmc acadia has two fuse boxes, one on the right side of the instrument panel and one under the hood. Water and electrical nothing but problems and more problems. I have no sound, from the radio, the turn signals, the. The morning after the first big rain i had quite a bit of water standing in the drivers side floor mat. I waited for nearly 4 months for my fullyloaded denali 2015i to arrive.

Both drivers side and passenger side floorboards get soaked when it rains, it sounds like i have at least two gallons of water sloshing around above my head, and it smells like rotting carpet. Leaks, trans problems, failed water pump, electrical problems, brake. Taillight taillamp outer driver side left lh lr for 0712. As far back as 2009, we were writing how gmc acadia drivers were dealing with a water leak problem which was leaving them and their passengers all wet, not to mention the floor boards and the electrical systems. Gmc acadia electronic stability control 2009 gmc acadia. Water leak roof and drivers floor gmc acadia forum. I thought it was originally just water from wet boots and would dry out eventually, but it hasnt.

I knew that if i poured even a small amount of water into the cowl on the drivers side, i would get water into the cab. To see how frequently 2009 gmc acadia problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. After removing the wheel well i slowly sprayed the hose on all the seams inside the wheel well starting from the bottom and working my way to the top, and did not get any. After taking the cowl and fender off, and checking everywhere for water build up, i couldnt find where the water.

On certain models a leaking side marker light wire harness can cause a water leak inside the vehicle. Outlook with water leak page 2 saturn outlook online. The rain water leaks in, the plastic intake manifold leaks and the rear air suspension leaks. Water leaking into driver side floor whenever it rain. Gmc acadia problems 2009 gmc acadia power train problems. Ive owned lincolns for over 35 years and i can tell you that this model car is a pig. Ac water leaks inside car how to fix denlors tools. It seems to happen only when i drive with the air conditioning on. So i got ambitious today and decided to tackle my water leak which was causing my drivers side carpet to be a puddle of water. Water leak passengers side two days ago the wife went to exit our 2008 gmc acadia and when she turned off the ignition and removed the keys, the vehicle kept running for another 12 minutes before it finally shut off, and in the process, the key in. Driver side seems to be limited to just a good old leak from the window or somewhere water is running down the firewall. I was contacted later that day it was a bad ecm which was replaced under an extended after care warranty 3 yrs 36,000 miles then i asked to. After driving the car for a few months, i noticed a foul smell coming from.

The sunroof water leak recall that never happened cargurus. Unfortunately, it is still leaking water from somewhere. Like many others in this forum i am having a problem with a leak in my acadia. Here i am, 2 years later, still leaking of course, the drivers side carpet is disgusting and what appears now to be mold in some areas. Do anybody knows if it is possible to connect a front camera to a original radio for a gmc acadia 2018. Electronic stability control problem on the 2009 gmc acadia. I have no sound, from the radio, the turn signals, the door chimes or the lights left on sounds 53 answers. We bought the vehicle used and this is the first few times weve noticed it. See realworld gmc acadia body problems and repair histories as reported by other gmc acadia owners. This is now our second acadia in the last month first was a 07 which water was also leaking from even. The acadia is one of four large, carbased suvs from general motors that have three rows of seats and can seat seven or eight passengers. I found from the outside that some of the seal was broken right where the leak was. The 2008 gmc acadia has 3 problems reported for water leak by sunroof. This causes the gas and brake pedals to become slick posing a safety issue.

Since you get water leaks without rain, id strongly suspect the hvac case drain or the drains grommet mentioned above. I too have water collecting in the floorboard of the drivers side during a rain. Gmc acadia body problems and repair descriptions at truedelta. Just my drivers side was wet so i just pulled up that area. Look for areas where there is a white buildup from coolant spray that has evaporated. Dealership tells me it is a known problem but there is no fix. Resealing the wire harness where it goes through the body into the cabin area should stop the leak.

The water does not actually drip down from anywhere i have checked, there is never water from anywhere above the dampness. I ran water down the sunroof drain and it seems to drain fine. Various gm vehicles have a known defect that allows water from the sun roof drain to enter the passenger compartment and more importantly allows water to enter the passenger compartment fuse block. Weve had 2 nights in the past week with lots of hard rain. We know you love your gmc acadia and want to make sure its taken care of maybe he or she even has a name. The gmc acadia water leak problem continues to be an issue. You leave your car for a few minutes or a few hours, or a few days and come back to find a puddle forming underneath it. And if it were on the passenger side, then youd have many possibilities to check off. Now ontop of my water leak, the electrical system that the water leaks on is wigging out on me.

Water leak at top of passenger apillar and headliner. I purchased my 07 aura xr that was actually a program car driven by a gm executive through 15k miles back in january 2008. Also, see repair breakdown by problem area and cost. Water did drain from right behind the front outlook with water leak page 2 saturn outlook online community. The day after december 5th while driving around we realized. Drivers door has been known to leak water up over the door sill into the footwell, too. I had lots of water on my drivers side front floor and and located with a hose the leak myself and stopped my leak in short order.

The pump starts leaking, causing a low coolant level, causing the engine to go into reduced engine power mode to keep the engine from. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. On the inside, the water appears to be run along the seam between the firewall and drivers side wall, under the dashboard. Water leaks in front driver and passenger side floor boards, hard to tell where the leak is occurring. Seeing as its on the drivers side, ive seen others post about that. Seems like clear water saturating the floor on the passenger side could be a clogged ac drain hose, water leak from the wind shield or from the fresh air inlet heater core leak would be antifreeze\water mix on the same side. Acdelco professional premium gascharged shocks offer the superior ride of a premium gascharged. I also tried snaking it out with weed trimmer string and also tried compressed are to clear what may be an obstruction in the drain line. Needless to say, the leak issue got put down on the priority list. Maybe its just water condensation dripping down, but odds are its a sign of a fluid leak.

Water under drivers side floor mat maintenancerepairs. Since i live in colorado we donot normally experience extended periods of downpours until recently. Water leaks everytime it rains and drips down onto the wiring and airbags. We here at auto parts warehouse want to make sure youre happy with your car part purchases. The next morning nothing would start therefore it was taken to the dealership on a flat bed tow truck.

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